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My name is Angela Harman and I am currently a full time orchestra teacher in Mapleton, Utah.   I am passionate about music education and have taught orchestra in Utah’s Nebo School District for 15 years.  In each of the schools where I have taught, I have successfully grown the orchestra programs by over 400% .  It has been an honor to receive several awards, including: Give A Note Tour and Ardy from Radio Disney and the Give a Note foundation in 2016,  Superior Accomplishment Award from the Utah Music Educators association in 2017, and the 2020 Best of State in public music education from bestofstate.org.

I enjoy presenting and have presented at the NAfME National Conference in 2015, 2016, and 2017.  I have also presented for the UMEA conference , Rocky Mountain Strings Academy, OKMEA conference, NMMEA conference, ASTA National conference, and many more. 

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Worksheets are great for helping students learn their notes, but reading/writing notes is only the first step on the road to mastery. Students need to PRACTICE note reading using their instruments using a step by step process.  In recent years, I have done a lot of research about grading, assessment, and student motivation.  Empowered Note Reading Practice was created with this important research in mind.  Since all students learn at different rates and have varying music experience in their backgrounds, it is important to provide choice.  I have created multi-level parts so students can choose their path.  It also provides a way for students to challenge themselves.  This resource includes embedded self reflection and assessment questions for students to take on ownership for their learning.  Use this during class time as a 5-10 minute note reading activity for students to complete under your direction.  Model the skills/notes on each page and let students work through the process.  They can also work with stand partners to help assess their playing.  After students complete the activity, the entire class can practice the exercises together.  Preview the 45 page violin book HERE!

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Prepared Orchestra Sessions for Music Education Conferences:

These are just some of the sessions I have presented at conferences all over the US.  You may contact me for availability to present at your conference: angela.harman@orchestraclassroom.com

 "Get A Life!Music Teacher Survivor Guide: how to maintain momentum and avoid burn-out"

"Taming the Middles: classroom management strategies for middle school orchestra"

"Shifting Isn't Scary: developing shifting skills in beginners"

"The Art of Intrinsic Motivation: help students buy-in to music making"

"Step Up Your Game: troubleshoot all your rehearsal challenges through strategic games"

"No More Playing Tests:  Transitioning to meaningful student-led assessment practices "

"Top Tech Hacks: How to create your own resources"

"No More Beginners Blues: Tips for making your beginning orchestra class irresistibly fun while still focusing on good pedagogy"

"Talent Doesn’t Grow on Trees…It Grows in Orchestra!:  Motivating and inspiring students to practice using fun and creativity"

"Orchestra Gives You Wings!  How to propel student learning for a flying start"

"TEN Strategies to Help Your Beginners Start Strong...  Tips and tricks to help your beginners learn better and faster."

"How to Recruit Like a Pro...  How to sell your program and help it thrive."

"Re-energized Rehearsals...  Keep students engaged and wanting more after every rehearsal"